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Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

Scorpion Commander 6s 90A


The Scorpion Switching BEC Series Brushless Speed Controllers represent one of the best values in the speed controller market today. From the beautiful gold anodized heatsinks, to the unique metal containers that the ESC's are shipped in, everything about Scorpion Speed Controllers shows the company's commitment to quality. These ESC's are manufactured from top quality components, in a state of the art manufacturing facility, and are designed to provide years of trouble free operation.
Each Scorpion 6-cell Speed Controller includes a built-in Switching Style BEC circuit. This BEC provides a regulated output of 5.7 volts, and can deliver 3 amps of continuous current with 4 amp bursts. With a Switching type BEC, you do not need to de-rate the BEC as the input voltage increases. The full 3 amps of BEC current is available for any input between 2-cell and 6-cell Li-Po operation.
These new 6-cell Speed Controllers also offer a unique wireless programming system that is a first in the RC Model Industry. Unlike other ESC manufacturers, who require you to buy an add-on programming module to gain full functionality of the controller, Scorpion provides a full feature Programming Card with EVERY speed controller sold, at No Extra Charge!
The new wireless programming system consists of a postage stamp size IR receiver module that mounts in your model, and a credit card sized IR Transmitter that easily fits in your pocket or toolbox. The IR receiver plugs into the throttle channel of your radio receiver, and then the Speed Controller plugs into the IR Receiver board. To program the ESC, you simply flip the switch on the IR Receiver board to the program position, point the transmitter at the IR receiver board, type in the parameter you want to adjust and hit the Enter button. The IR board will give you a flashing light and a motor tone to acknowledge the command. Once you are finished programming, you simply flip the switch on the IR Receiver board to the Run position. This will re-boot the ESC and enter the new program into memory. After this is complete, you can fly your aircraft.
Programming your ESC has never been easier! There is no need to dig the receiver out of the plane, No need to unplug any cables, and no more dragging a laptop computer to the flying field! Programming your ESC is as easy as changing channels on your TV!
The adjustable parameters on the Scorpion 6-cell ESC's include many extra options not found on other controllers. These options include:

Low Voltage Cutoff: Adjustable from 5.0 to 25.0 volts in 0.5 volt increments

Brake Setting:
Adjustable in 5 steps from No Brake to Very Hard Brake

LVC Cut-off Type: 50% power, Pulsed Output and No cut-off are available

Motor Acceleration Delay: Slows motor response for use with gear box motors. Adjustable in 5 steps from 0.15 to 1.3 Seconds

Current Overload Protection: Can be turned on or off to suit your preference

PWM Frequency: Adjustable to 8KHz, 16 Khz, or 32 Khz

Soft Start Mode: Slows down motor spool-up for Helicopter use

Motor Rotation: Adjustable to normal or reverse rotation

Motor Timing: 6 options available, Auto Detect, 5°, 15°, 20°, 25°, and 30°

Governor Mode: For Helicopter use, 5 settings are available 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% and 90% throttle

Starter Boost:

For starting very High Kv motors that can be difficult to start
Scorpion Speed Controllers also include all of the ESC parameters clearly labeled on the heatsink assembly. Voltage range, current rating, BEC rating, and input polarity are all clearly marked to avoid any confusion. Scorpion 6-cell Switching BEC Series Speed Controllers are also backed by a 2 year manufacturers warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, so you can buy with confidence. For a total package of Quality, Performance and Value, use Scorpion Brushless Speed Controllers.
  • Scorpion 90A ESC
  • New wireless programming system
  • 6S                                   

Phoenix ICE 50 Brushless ESC


  • 34 volts max input, 5 amp output
  • Adjustable BEC output (anywhere from 5 to 7 volts in .1 volt increments)
  • Fully Programmable, with Heli Features
  • On Board Data Logging                 

Phoenix ICE HV 80 Brushless ESC


Welcome to the next generation of high voltage brushless speed controls from Castle Creations. We invented this class, Castle Phoenix HV series are the gold standard. Now we’re raising the bar.
Phoenix Ice HV controllers offer incredible reliability and flexibility for your high powered applications. Now available in 40, 60, 80, 120, 160, and 160 Lite amp configurations.
  • Ready to fly out of the bag, but users can tap into serious computing capabilities by connecting them to Castle Link software using a Castle Link or Field Link programming card.
  • Comprehensive heli feature set, including direct entry governor mode, autorotation with bailout, and soft start capabilities to protect your gearing (see the screenshot on the right for more details).
  • Opto isolated throttle cable helps reduce radio interference
  • Full data logging capabilities. Measure amp draw, controller temperature, motor rpms, battery voltage and ripple and more. Take the mystery out of electric flight!
We now offer the Quick Connect for more convenient data log downloading and adjusting controller settings. The quick connect is a special harness that allows you to keep the speed controller plugged into the receiver when connecting to the Castle Link. It has an extra 12" servo lead that can be placed wherever it is convenient to plug in the link, while your speed controller stays connected to the receiver. No more digging into your setup to get to the receiver just to pull off your data or change settings!
Designed in Kansas. Components manufactured in the USA, Mexico, and China.
Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.


  • Recommended for helicopters and sport aircraft
  • Onboard Data Logging
  • Castle Link compatible
  • Opto isolated throttle lead
  • Handles up to 12S LiPo (50V) maximum input                         




Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.6x1.3x0.8" (40.6x33x20.6mm)
Weight (without wires): 2oz (56.7g)
Max Amps: 80 Amps*
Max Voltage: 50V - 12S LiPo or 36 Cell NiMh/NiCd 

  • Length: 2.8" (71.12mm) with capacitors
  • Width: 1.3" (33mm)
  • Height: 0.9" (22.9mm)
  • Weight: 2oz (56.7g)
  • Max Amps: 80A
  • Max Volts: 50V (12S Lipo, 36S NiCd/NiMH)
  • Phoenix
  • ICE HV
  • 80A Brushless ESC                      

Phoenix ICE 100 Brushless ESC


Welcome to the next generation of Castle air controllers, the Phoenix Ice series.
Phoenix Ice brings the ability to run at input voltages of up to 8S* (33.6) and use the built in switching BEC to output up to 5 amps of servo power all the way up to the 8S max*!

Switching BEC

The Phoenix Ice switching BEC output is factory set to 5.0V. Users may use Castle Link to select their desired voltage between 5.0V and 7.0V, in 0.1V increments.
Data Logging
Ice brings another incredibly useful feature, extensive data logging capabilities. The controllers are able to measure and record many parameters at sample rates that you choose between 10 samples per second and 1 sample per second. Data points include:
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Ripple
  • Battery Current
  • Controller Temperature
  • Controller Input Throttle
  • Controller Motor Power Output
  • Motor RPM
This data is stored directly in the controller and may be accessed once the run is over using the Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately) and Castle Link software (available free at castlecreations.com). The Max Log Size is 21,504 bytes, everything takes one byte except for motor rpm which takes two.
  • Logging 'Battery Current' at only a 1 sample / second - 358 minutes of logging time (almost 6 hrs)
  • Logging 'Motor RPM' at only 1 sample / second - 179 minutes of logging time
  • Logging everything at only 1 sample / second - 44 minutes of logging time
  • Logging everything at 10 samples / second - 4 minutes and 28 seconds

Two versions: 

Heat Sink 8S max input and Heat Shrink 6S max input

The Ice comes in two versions, standard version which is optimized for demanding RC heli and sport aircraft applications and a Lite version packaged in heat shrink for users with tight fuselages.
All Phoenix Ice are ready to fly out of the bag, no programming is necessary for most aircraft applications. The controllers are set at the factory for Auto Lipo detect/cutoff operation and they are tuned for optimum outrunner performance.
Advanced users will find the incredible programmability of the Phoenix Ice allows for performance characteristics tailored exactly to their desires.
Heli users are raving about the performance of Castle’s programmable helicopter modes which include options to directly enter desired governed headspeeds as numerical values! Every heli power combination requires slightly varying governor gains, Castle makes these easy to tweak and the net result is a rock solid tail.
Designed in Kansas. Components manufactured in the USA, Mexico, and China.
Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.
  • Phoenix ICE 100
  • Brushless ESC
  • Data Logging
  • 100 Amp
  • 5 Amp BEC


* 34 volts max input, 5 amp output * Adjustable BEC output (anywhere from 5 to 7 volts in .1 volt increments) * Fully Programmable, with Heli Features * On Board Data Logging

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